Part number for armrest in black soft leather that slides and tilts with storage tray - 51-16-2-427-367

Cost from Pacific BMW - 293.67

Installation instructions

1. Open rear cup holder and pull it out.

2. Slide out rear vents.

3. Two screws will be exposed at the rear of the armrest. Remove them.

4. Pull out armrest.

5. Remove unused cable holder below armrest.

6. Install storage tray and slide all the way forward.

7. Install armrest in open position, ensuring that the bottom of the armrest matches with the indention in the tray.

8. Install loosely m4 nuts on the threaded post below the armrest.

9. Reinstall screws in in the rear of the armrest.

10. Tighten m4 hex nuts.

11. Open and close armrest to ensure proper alignment.

12. Reinstall vent and cupholder.