Posted by Andrew Papanikolas on December 20, 2000 at 00:06:25:

1) Remove the armest and roll-top box.
2) Locate the RJ45 connector
3) wire up a male RJ45 with the following config:

PIN 1 -> Constant +12V on car kit
PIN 2 -> Switched +12V on car kit
PIN 3 -> Ground on car kit
PIN 4 -> Radio Mute on car kit
PIN 5 -> Speaker + on car kit
PIN 6 -> Speaker - on car kit
PIN 7 -> Microphone + on car kit
PIN 8 -> Microphone - on car kit

4) connect your male RJ45 to the connector in the console.

5) On the left side of the trunk above the wheel well find the DB25 connector.

6) Using a male DB25 make the following jumper connections:

PIN 1 -> PIN 5 (switched +12V)
PIN 3 -> PIN 24 (Ground)
PIN 4 -> PIN 6 (constant +12V)
PIN 8 -> PIN 14 (MIC +)
PIN 10 -> PIN 18 (Radio Mute)
PIN 11 -> PIN 19 (Speaker -)
PIN 12 -> PIN 25 (Speaker +)
PIN 14 -> PIN 23 (MIC +)

7) Connect your jumper to the DB25 in the trunk.

8) If your car kit has an antenna output connect it to the antenna wire under the console, connect the two antenna wires together in the trunk, and connect your antenna to the wire in the headliner.

9) If you have DSP you may need to apply +12V to the "cell phone present" signal on the DSP amp. My NAV site details the wiring for this, but I don't have the DB25 PIN assignment for that at this time. If the wire isn't obvious when you do the install then shoot me an email and I'll tear into my connector and let you know.

That should just about do it. Your radio should mute when you are on the phone, and your car kit should use the factory audio. BTW the microphone is in the headliner next to the sunroof switch.